Doctoral dissertations

I have supervised the following doctoral dissertations:

Jaana Ruuska. The impact of eating disorders on adolescent development.
University of Tampere, 2006

Carita Tuohimäki. Involuntary psychiatric treatment
University of Oulu, 2007

Sari Fröjd. Mental health in middle adolescence. Associations of family factors with different maladjustment outcomes.
University of Tampere, 2008

Minna Ritakallio. Self-reported depressive symptoms and antisocial behaviour in middle adolescence. University of Tampere, 2008

Klaus Ranta. Social phobia among Finnish adolescents. Assessment, epidemiology, comorbidity and correlates.
University of Tampere, 2008

Alice Keski-Valkama. Seclusion and restraint in psychiatric care. A persistent challenge over time.
University of Tampere, 2010

Johanna Berg. Aggression and its management in adolescent forensic psychiatric care.
University of Turku, 2012.

Juha-Matti Väänänen. Social phobia and depression in adolescence in general population. Concurrent associations and 2 year follow up.
University of Tampere, 2015

Monica Gammelgård. Studies on the validity and reliability of the Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth in Finnish institutional settings.
University of Tampere, 2015

Svetlana Oshukova. Psychopathic Traits and their relation to Psychopathology in Community, Psychiatric Outpatient and Forensic Psychiatric Samples of Finnish Adolescents.
University of Helsinki, 2017

Antti Torikka: Depression and substance use in middle adolescence. University of Tampere, 2017

Hanna Savioja: Sexual behavior in adolescence: The role of depression, delinquency, and family-related factors. Tampere University, 2019.

Noora Knaappila: Increasing socioeconomic disparities in adolescent problem behaviors from 2000 to 2015. Tampere University 2020